Wednesday 2nd April 2014…..Staying Mindful and Appreciating the Simple Things ♥

Hey my lovelies, Things have been going pretty well for me as of late however today I had a clanger of a morning.  Dragging myself out of bed to do … Continue Reading →

My Upcycled Dining Table and Chairs, Part 2……..Round Oilcloth Table Covering

Hey my lovelies, I know, I know, I’m late with my post again! But anyway lets not dwell on that ;).  The other week I wrote the first of two posts in ‘My … Continue Reading →

My Upcycled Kitchen Dining Table and Chairs….Part 1 ♥

Hey my lovelies, today I want to share with you my up-cycled kitchen dining chairs.  I have been wanting to write this post for like forever and a day but I … Continue Reading →

Pursuit of Love Chronicles Part 7……I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost, the Final Chapter! ♥

Hey my lovelies, so time has finally been called on the romantic encounter/situation I have been sharing with you over the last couple of months, it would be fair to say that  I’ve … Continue Reading →

Disneyland Paris 2014 in Pictures ♥

To celebrate Fifi’s 6th birthday we went to Disneyland Paris for 5 days. What an amazing experience it was, my little Angel’s face all lit up with pleasure at all the sights … Continue Reading →

Boozy celebration fruit cake fed with brandy ♥

Hey my lovelies, Another recipe post for you! A boozy celebration fruit cake fed with brandy which I found in the cookbook ‘Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter’ written by … Continue Reading →

Pursuit of love chronicles part 6. Happily ever after, what’s that? ♥

Hey my lovelies, so in my last pursuit of love chronicles, I shared with you all what a happy bunny I was and I was beginning to think that I … Continue Reading →

New year, new start, the beginning of an improved me ♥

Hey my lovelies, having looked back over my last few blog posts I realised that they were mainly ‘how to’ posts and while there is no problem with this I … Continue Reading →

Rainbow cake in a jar……Perfect edible gift idea ♥

Hey my lovelies, over the festive period I made some of my girlies a frosted rainbow cake in a jar as a gift for Christmas however this is a perfect … Continue Reading →

Another year older and hopefully wiser……My 35th birthday ♥

Hey my lovelies, I know, I know it’s becoming a frequent occurrence for me to apologise for my lack of posts but I am sorry but I’m also thinking that the lack … Continue Reading →

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