Tales from India. The journey of a solo female backpacker…..Day 1♥

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Tales from India

I was jolted awake after a couple of hours of unsettled sleep to the sound of someone opening my door and entering into my room, fortunately it was only the housekeeper, … Continue Reading →

Tales from India. The journey of a solo female backpacker…..My arrival ♥

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Tales from India

Upon reaching Heathrow airport, my thoughts were clam though I felt a tight knot in my stomach.  I guess this was a natural reaction to the thought of being away from … Continue Reading →

My Journey into Consciousness ♥

Hey my lovelies, for sometime I have been alluding to the fact that there had been a significant shift in me and the way in which I view and interact … Continue Reading →

Another pair of blinged up Converse…..crystals with a heart motiff and satin laces ♥

Hey my lovelies, sometime last year I wrote a post on how to bling up a pair of converse using Swarovski crystals, today I am going to do the same but show … Continue Reading →

Dont worry, be happy! Always choose happiness ♥

Hey my lovelies as I was cycling to work and listening to my ultimate 80’s compilation the other day (yes, I am one of those annoying and risk taking cyclists who … Continue Reading →

Who’s for afternoon tea? Easy, peasy lemon sponge with strawberries and cream ♥

Hey my lovelies, I have made this delicious easy, peasy lemon sponge with strawberries a number of times, it is quick, simple and uber easy to make, it is perfect … Continue Reading →

On the Other Side of Heartbreak ♥

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Pursuit of love chronicles

Hey my lovelies, I know that this post is well overdue but I have been taking time to mull over exactly the point that I wanted to convey and in-between the … Continue Reading →

Wednesday 2nd April 2014…..Staying Mindful and Appreciating the Simple Things ♥

Hey my lovelies, Things have been going pretty well for me as of late however today I had a clanger of a morning.  Dragging myself out of bed to do … Continue Reading →

My Upcycled Dining Table and Chairs, Part 2……..Round Oilcloth Table Covering

Hey my lovelies, I know, I know, I’m late with my post again! But anyway lets not dwell on that ;).  The other week I wrote the first of two posts in ‘My … Continue Reading →

My Upcycled Kitchen Dining Table and Chairs….Part 1 ♥

Hey my lovelies, today I want to share with you my up-cycled kitchen dining chairs.  I have been wanting to write this post for like forever and a day but I … Continue Reading →

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