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This is my personal blog and all of the views and opinions expressed on here are entirely my own and no-one else’s, what I write about is for information and entertainment purposes only. They do not represent the views of anyone I know personally, my employer(s), their clients or any other affiliated persons.

The items I feature on this blog are chosen entirely by moi, I will always give you 110% my honest opinion about the things paid for by me (and if I’m lucky given free samples of) that are featured on here.

You are reading this blog of your own free will and if you decide to use the information on here you do so at your own risk however if you want to hear the ramblings of a nutty Londoner with a few DIY tips thrown in for good measure, then why don’t you hang around for a bit?

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Unless otherwise stated I am the legal copyright holder of everything that is published on this site, if you quote or use anything from this site please be courteous and link it back to me.  If you wish to use and publish content then please contact me using the contact form and of course I will reciprocate and do likewise!

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I will not flog and I promise to keep any personal or contact information safe and private, you will not receive any annoying spam mail.

I am not responsible for the posts/comments made by other blog commenters, advertisers etc. however if you find content that is offensive in anyway please contact me.

Reserve Rights

I reserve the right to change the focus of this blog in any which way that I choose, I am quite flighty and indecisive so this very well may happen.  I’m just warning you, so don’t be surprised if when you visit one day I’m suddenly blogging about the virtues of brussel sprouts.

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I am not responsible for the actions or conduct of third parties including advertisers and sponsors, if you take issue with any product or service either featured or based upon a link to this blog, you must take issue with them directly, not me!

In the event that I do get some sponsors or someone wanting to advertise, I will only feature products that I like.  To get some help to cover the cost of running this site would be cool however this will not stop me from giving you my honest opinion on things.

And finally…..

That’s all for now folks!





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