Tales from India. The journey of a solo female backpacker…..Day 14 ♥

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So today has been a mixed bag, a tale of two opposing sides. Although life at the Ashram is simple, it is challenging in a different way to those challenges faced in every day life, I am mindful that the lack of sleep and food (I’m not convinced that the diet is well balanced here) is influencing my erratic moods.

The good bits

An absolutely amazing morning yoga class. I held my crow (Bakasana) for the longest time ever, I’m going to definitely try and do a headstand tomorrow for sure.

Also an amazing walk this morning to the beautiful lake, I tried to record the sunrise but it didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. I’m beginning to make new friendships and spent much of my time swimming in the lake, laughing and connecting with my new Israeli friend, Hagar.



I’m now getting used to the routine here and thankfully things are beginning to feel much easier because of my adjustment.

Ok, now the bad!

Omg, the last three meals have been gross, today I’ve relied on biscuits and cashews for my sustenance. If this continues I will go into the town and buy some fruit.

  • Afternoon yoga was not so great and I left after Sun Salutations, I was exhausted and the teacher was not only difficult to understand but was totally uninspiring, some of them just have a higher vibrational energy which translates in their teachings.
  • I feel so exhausted today!
  • I’m fed up with all the bloody chanting.
  • And last but not least the debacle of my terrible massage.

So today I was super excited about my massage but it was to be short lived. Upon arrival I was shown to a room that looked like something from another era. I was then asked to strip and change in to what I can only describe as a loin cloth come nappy made from kaliko material. I was then seated on a stool, to say that I felt self-conscious would be a gross understatement.



My masseuse (a very sweet lady, I might add) poured half a bottle of oil into her hand and then slapped it on to the middle of my head. Sitting there on the stool semi naked with this smelly oil being rubbed into my head was not my idea of fun but I was still hopeful that things would improve but this proved not to be the case. In fact, things proceeded to get worse. I was doused in oil so much so that at one point I said ‘please, no more oil’ but my pleas were in vain as she continued dousing me.


She then asked me to lay on my back and for some time she rubbed my stomach and my boobs in a circular motion, I felt incredibly uncomfortable. When my back was finally massaged it was something beyond belief. I had booked this massage because my muscles have been so sore after several days of intense yoga practice. My sore muscles were not at all massaged instead she pressed her knuckles into my spine and ribs so much so that at tone point I screamed out in pain.

I found the whole process thoroughly unenjoyable and like I had paid out to be tortured. I was later describing my experience to someone here and she said that this was they Ayurvedic way, well all I could think was ‘never again’.

I was so exhausted that after that after a 15 minute group meditation, I bailed on the chanting and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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