Tales from India. The journey of a solo female backpacker…..Day 16 ♥

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Today I had the best day ever, my vibrational energy upon waking was high. Yoga was shamaze and in spite of the revolting breakfast I was still in high spirits.

Today was the ashram day off, a lot of the others have gone on an excursion however as I’m leaving tomorrow and I am the most laziest traveller who detests travelling I decided to give it a miss.

I hung out with some friends in town instead.




We visited the lions who we hear shagging every day during yoga and meditation and I have to confess I felt sorry for them, they looked so sad but I guess no creature or being likes being imprisoned, they also didn’t look too healthy.



After that we headed to a fairly small town, Karthakadda. Small but seriously busy, we ate a hearty meal :), gorged on biscuits, crisps and coffee and had a look around the somewhat shamrackle place that was imbued with character.






What fun and banter we had, so funny how the simple things can make you happy.

It’s strange because I’ve met a lot of people here who have some emotional instability and are looking for this experience to make them whole in some way. I feel bad for them because I’m not sure that they will find what they were looking for, being made whole or finding oneself could quite easily be achieved sitting in the bathtub.

I guess it’s not for me to make a judgement about others, personally this experience has given me a kick start to my new routine of rising early in the morning, followed by yoga and then 30 minutes of meditation. I think I’m drastically going to ration my intake of meat as well, perhaps to once per week.  Varkala is going to be the true test though as to whether I can actually stick to what I have been practicing at the ashram.

I’m a bit gutted about the price of the accommodation that I am staying in. My friend has told me that she too stayed in a beach hit and I am paying more than double. I will try to cancel my reservation tomorrow but I think my chance of success is low.

I’m truly going to miss the girls here but I’m super excited about being near the beach, in a hut, hiring a moped, sunbathing, eating good food, drinking cocktails and meeting new friends. My new travel girlies tell me that they are coming to join me in the next few days…….yay!

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