Tales from India. The journey of a solo female backpacker…..Day 17 ♥

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After a horribly restless night because of the loud and continuous snores of one of the other girls I woke up with surprisingly high energy levels.

Today I am finally leaving the ashram, no more starvation and most importantly no chanting 😊. Despite the lows of this place I think that I would like to return, if nothing else, it certainly is a unique experience. It can teach and facilitate practising skills of restraint and help to regulate one’s yoga practice if not already in a steady routine but most importantly it gives the opportunity to make great connections and friends.

I was sad to be leaving my friends behind but they assure me that they will arrive on Monday.
Obviously I did not attend Satsung but I did practise my yoga with a renewed energy/vigour and I have made myself a promise to stick to a daily practise.

Following my farewells I took a Rickshaw directly to my accommodation in Varkala substantially more expensive by Indian standards compared to public transport but worth it I think. I hate travelling in India and when I want to justify spending so much I convert the currency into English pounds and it makes me feel better, I’m like ‘oh well, that’s only £13 at home’. If I come back next year (fingers crossed) I will certainly do things differently, lets just say that this is a taster experience, a learning curve for next time.




Upon arriving at Bamboo House I was greeted by very friendly hotel staff, the hut itself was a little ramshackle but I got a really good price in a superb location.



I will be sad and inconvenienced to be moving to my new accommodation but they would not let me cancel my earlier reservation stating that I would be charged for the entire stay, I’m annoyed because I could have saved about £60 but I guess it’s just another lesson learned.

I think next time I could do India on half the amount that I have spent this time. My friend Halina managed to survive quite comfortably on 400 rupees per day (£4) whilst I’m spending about £15-£20, the equivalent of 1,500-2000 rupees.
Once settled I headed for the bar 😊, I needed a much deserved beer and treated myself to pancakes with chocolate sauce and bananas. The starvation diet at the ashram led to me gorging on crap but it tasted so good.


Whilst there I bumped into the loveliest couple whom I had met at the ashram, we spent the next few hours taking the piss out of life at the ashram and the hypocritical morals that they seemed to promote. We talked about love, life, relationships and our dreams, I had the most enjoyable evening and later that night no sooner than my head had touched the pillow I was sound asleep.


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  • Siobhan says:

    Sounds like a perfect day,love the pretty pics too.
    What an amazing Lil travelling timely had serious holiday envy right now

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