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Omg, today has been a crazy day. It started off well, following a coffee and a pineapple juice  I did an hour of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation :).

Now for some time I’ve had it in my mind that once I arrived in Varkala I would hire a moped……..First big mistake! Second big mistake, I paid for five days in advance -when will I ever learn that you don’t pay for anything in advance  in India.

As I was waiting for the bike to arrive I met a man outside of the complex in which I was staying. After exchanging pleasantries, he enquired if I was staying there. When I confirmed that I was, he told me that he wanted to move hotels and stay in the  huts I was at as he wanted to be near to me, to be friends and stay together. To be honest, he made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and I politely informed him that he needed to stay in a place he liked and that for the time being I wanted to spend time by myself as my friends would be arriving shortly.

After a brief demonstration I hopped upon the moped, it was to be a near death experience. As soon as I got on I nearly crashed into the wall in front of me and very nearly went flying but still I persevered and was shortly on my way.

My first destination was to be the nearest petrol station as I had been informed that the moped was low on petrol. Well, it was a disaster! Not only did I get lost on the seriously potholed roads of Varkala due to the  erratic and confusing directions given to me by the locals but I actually thought I was going to die.

At one point I crashed into the back of an auto-rickshaw which was followed by an inspection by the vehicle’s driver followed by a dirty, disapproving glare.

Next I got stuck on back and winding roads and found the wretched contraption more or impossible to manoeuvre and control, in the process of trying to do so I broke my flip flops and ended up driving barefoot. I decided to give up, spare my life and give the moped back. I returned to my hut unhurt (just) but somewhat stressed and profusely sweating, I was unable to get all my money back but at least I was able to secure half.

I put the motorcycle trauma behind me and decided to head to the beach, the sun was blazing and I wanted to top up my tan but when I arrived I noted it was filled with Indian locals who had come following prayers at the local temple to pay homage to the final resting place of their ancestors and it seemed a bit inappropriate to be stripping off to catch some rays.


So I backtracked and found a spot further down where I could see tourists. I set my stuff down, dipped my sweaty body into the ocean and then coated myself in dark tanning spray hoping to enjoy the rest of what I thought would be a relaxing afternoon.


No more than 10 minutes in, unbeknownst to me, the tide rapidly crept up upon me and I was startled from a deep state of relaxation by a wave crashing over me and against the cliffs soaking all of my clothes and other belongings.
After muttering several expletives to myself, I packed up my soaking wet things and headed for Black beach, a known tourist hang out, no sooner than I had arrived the sun was eclipsed by thick grey clouds which were to remain for the rest of the evening.

Resigned to the fact that there would be no sunbathing for me, I headed to a local bar to anthetise my stress and drown my sorrows after such a challenging few hours.


Whilst there I bumped into a number of people from the ashram plus the odd man I had met earlier, he informed me that he was leaving Varkala because he wanted a girlfriend and I had not agreed to this. He then went on to say other profanities, I told him sternly and in no uncertain terms that I was not interested and to leave me alone.

Shortly afterwards, I met a fellow ashramer and we spent the next few hours chatting away, it was great conversation not to mention he was a hottie :).

After our conversation drew to a close, I got something to eat and settled in my room and chilled for the rest of the night.

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