Tales from India. The journey of a solo female backpacker…..Day 19 ♥

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OMG, today has been such a blast!
I left my hotel and went to the new one previously booked in Goa.


Initially I was annoyed at having paid so much but after having been told by the manager of the hotel that I have been staying at that he ‘was sad last night because he wanted to have sex with me and I wouldn’t take him to my bed’, first thing this morning, I was happy to be leaving. Personally I didn’t want to be around someone who was not at all shameless about being so forthcoming.

The new room is ok, with proper air con, WiFi and TV. I guess it’s a more modern, higher spec hut……having said that it certainly wasn’t worth what I paid for it plus its quite a walk from the beach which is a bit of a downer but oh well, what’s done is done.


I raised some complaints and complimentary breakfast and laundry service has been thrown in for free for the duration of my stay so it’s all good, the manager is super friendly and helpful.

Once I’d dumped my stuff, I headed for the beach and I am pleased to say that the sun was blazing, yessss!

Now normally I can sunbathe for hours (Im a self professed sun worshipper) and I love it but the heat today was something else, it was so intense that for some reason I couldn’t tolerate it. After 3 hours I sluggishly headed back to my new home where I curled up under the air con 🙂 and had a much needed cat nap.

In the evening I met with my friends from the Ashram, there were so many of us! We started off with food and then proceeded to drinking, chatting and dancing until the nights conclusion at 4am.



There is one guy in the group who I think is just totally beautiful, an Addonis with his perfectly tanned body, curly blonde hair and good sense of humour. Of course I have kept this to myself as I’m just too shy and I find it impossible to talk to him, ahhh but at least I have a muse for the next three days :). Yes, shallow I know but oh how I love a hottie 😉


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  • Hi Jen, I want one for my desk! Hopefully in my color scheme-ish…Hint, hint! Think Hermes Box.Big Smile!! I love your large ones too. they are great!! Do you think you will ever do any like the one you had on the wall up the stairs in your last place? I think It was words of Romeo and Juliet. I really love that one.

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    Kurven ble kjempestilig! Har en lignende selv, som jeg straks er ferdig Ã¥ pusse opp.. Og det blir sÃ¥ mye bedre enn hvordan den sÃ¥ ut før… :)Ha en fin dag!-Mari

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