Tales from India. The journey of a solo female backpacker…..Day 20 ♥

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I woke up today feeling a little worse for wear but fortunately it was not to last for long. After sorting myself out and getting some much needed food, I headed down to the beach for a couple of relaxing hours. Although it was hot I was pleased to find that the temperature had dropped by a few degrees making it tolerable.

It had been my intention to attend a yoga class this afternoon but I scuppered my plans by over ordering and over eating at a wonderful Tibetan restaurant, Tibetan Kitchen.


It was my first time eating this type of cuisine but oh my gosh, it was shamazing! Vegetable Thukpa soup and mutton momo dumplings were absolutely delish, in fact to die for. I left the Tibetan Kitchen fit to burst.


Other than organising an Indian cooking course, my day was pretty relaxed. I was asked to go out for food and drinks but I wasn’t entirely sure that my body could handle it so I made no promises, just a non-committed “we’ll see”.

As it turned out I was exhausted so after doing some I was in bed and asleep before 9 pm. Yes, party animal I know!

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